The Journey Of A Dress

By founder and designer Carrie Matthews.


Every design starts with one element: a sleeve, a neckline, a trim- and I build around that. My collections aren't themed, each garment is unique and reflects the fact I love many different styles. 

My designs are in my head and are only committed to sketch when I want to develop them. I do very simple line drawings- a lot of the details are worked out during the sampling stage in the studio. 


Usually I design a style first, then think about which silks would work best for it, but occasionally i'll see a gorgeous fabric and it'll spark an idea for a dress. The silks we use come from around the world, but mostly from Europe, and are heavyweight and beautiful quality. We also fully line all our dresses with 100% silk habotai. 


After a chat with Tanya, the head of production, where we talk about the style in more detail, we are ready to get to the pattern cutting room.  A pattern is the 2D blueprint of the garment with all the information a seamstress needs to create the dress.

But we're not ready for that just yet. Next it's..                                            


..The toiling stage. A toile is a practise garment made from inexpensive fabric which allows us to develop a style until it's exactly right. Sometimes one part of the dress, like the sleeves, will be toiled several times. We keep going until it's perfect.


The dresses are available to buy either Made To Order, where we make it to your dress size, Made To Measure, where we adjust the pattern to your measurements, or fully Bespoke, where an original paper pattern is created from scratch.

You can choose the silk and silk shade you like best, as well as which length you would like.

All our dresses are proudly handmade in London. 



The most important part of any wedding dress's journey is the day you get married in it. We absolutely love seeing our clients looking stunning in one of our creations, so please don't forget to send us your photos.